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Jon is the General Manager and CEO of GTR24H. He uses most of his time with the company trying to secure financial backing and media deals. During races, Jon manages our servers and assists Race Control and Stewards in assigning the correct server commands. Jon will also do social media posts and social media sharing.

Mometu launches GTR24H fastchannel

For the past couple of months GTR24H has been working hard behind the scenes to add our content to multiple FastChannel networks in both United States, Asia and Europe – so far you have been able to find our content on Xiaomi, FreeCast Inc, Film Volt Group, Herogo TV- Go Stream, Select-TV, NBC Universal Local […]

Pagani and Asetek Pen SimSports Licensing Deal

The newly introduced offering in sim racing of Asetek SimSport is entering into a very exciting partnership with World known Car brand Pagani Automobili to extend their experience into sim racing. Asetek will be working together with Pagani on a number of things such as licensing, marketing, and product deals for a number of Asetek’s […]

Asetek SimSport joins the EEWC LeMans season finale and 2022 season

Asetek SimSports is a newly founded company, which is heavily involved in producing sim racing peripherals including Pedals, upcoming wheelbases, and wheels – is now joining the Endurance eRacing World Championship series as a team. The Asetek eSport team holds names such as Valdemar Eriksen, Andi Kurtsen, Largim Ali and Thomas Vilhemsen – who all […]

Swiss Team Adrenaline joins the EEWC for Le Mans and EEWC 2022

The newly launch Simracing team – Team Adrenaline which has its origin based out of Switzerland and consists of drivers from Latvia, Switzerland, and Germany will be joined the EEWC LeMans 2021 Finale event and 2022 Season. The team boss Arturas Masaitis tells us they will be joining the DPI class and basically want to […]

The World Is Not There Yet

The good news first: There are no covid restrictions left in Denmark. So nationally there are currently no barriers stopping us from entertaining the physical LAN event. This is a very uplifting and promising situation to keep in mind for the next parts of this message, and for 2022. There are however sadly a lot […]

Blue Steel Racing joins EEWC

Formed in 2015 as Hoshizora Shinsei Racing by founding members Sim Kai Wern, Ayman Aqeem, and Amir Haziq. The team’s initial goal was to unite the passions of anime lovers and motorsports enthusiasts. The team was formed after Ayman Aqeem left for another team and wanted to start a new one. He got together with […]